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"Brian... was there to help me"
I arrived in Winnipeg last March, moving here from the Fraser Valley, in BC.  Quite a change, to say the least. 

One thing I had as a goal, was to find a house in Winnipeg, that would become my new home.  After my property in BC sold, I started searching.  I quickly narrowed my search down to 2 areas.  Central St. Boniface or Norwood.  Before I met Brian, I dealt with 2 other agents.  One wanted to show me houses far away from my desired locations and far outside of my budget, and the other made a mistake on an offer I submitted and that mistake almost cost me my deposit. 

I told Brian what I wanted, and that is what he found for me.  We looked at numerous properties.  He made himself available, to suit my schedule, going to the same properties in some cases, several times.  When he showed the property, that is now my home, I knew at once that it was everything I needed and wanted.  

When I first started looking, Brian told me that when the right place came up, it would tell me.  And that is what happened.  From when Brian showed me the first property until I received the keys to this home, he was there to help me.  I felt, at no time, under pressure.  He found answers to all of my questions and made me feel comfortable.  He is an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor.  I have no hesitation in recommending Brian Bernacki to you.  
Rick D.

Brian Bernacki

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